Training the Nation's Best Health and Medical Professionals Through Onsite-focused Education

Making Korea a Global Center of Medicine

The School of Health Sciences at CHU offers the highest quality of specialized education and the best academic environment in the nation, using customized teaching methods which meet and exceed global standards.

Our Competitive Edge
  • Top-Up Program for Heathcare diploma students
  • Highest success rate on national exams and nation's top employment rate
  • Academy-Industry networking structure with major medical institutions in Jeju and Seoul
  • High-tech equipment and training facilities
  • Wide variety of educational methods including S-PBL, NCS and Open Courseware
  • Research trips and study abroad opportunities for students with exceptional foreign language skills
  • Training programs and labs operated in conjunction with the Halla-Stoneybrook Emergency Medicine Education Center
  • Broad range of programs operated in conjunction with the Medical Welfare Research Center
Educational Research Institutes for Intensive Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Halla-Stony Brook Emergency Medicine Research Center
    The Center is jointly run by Cheju Halla University and the Stony Brook University Medical Center in New York. It operates programs teaching basic CPR and expert cardiac resuscitation methods approved by the American Heart Association.
  • Healthcare Education Research Center
    Wide range of courses in medical treatment, healthcare and social welfare, and professional workforce training in the field of long-term geriatric care