International School of Tourism & Hospitality

Producing Leaders for a Globalized Tourism Industry

Our Competitive Edge
  • Italian Cuisine Training Program operated in conjunction with I.P.S.E.O.A "Pellegrino Artusi" Roma, Italy
  • Partnerships with universities in the United States of America, Australia, Japan, China and Italy providing student exchange programs, transfer programs, overseas internships and overseas job search support programs
  • Extensive industry connections and academy-industry cooperative specialized educational programs with hotels and other tourism-related enterprises with in the province and beyond
  • Four-year degrees available with the Top-Up Program
  • Professors with overseas academic qualifications and extensive work experience in related fields
  • High-tech educational environment: newly built International School of Hotel Tourism & Hospitality (6 floors, 24,700 m2)
Exchange Programs with Numerous Overseas Sister Universities
  • Italy | I.P.S.E.O.A "Pellegrino Artusi" Roma
  • Japan | Beppu University, Tama University
  • China | Nankai University, Hefei University of Technology, Huangshan University, OceanUniversity of China, Ludong University, Shanghai Fudan University, China Resale University, Northeast China Power University, Yanbian University, Anhui Business Vocational Institute, Anqing Vocational and Technical College, Shijiazhuang Vocational School of Economics, Beijing Changping Health School, Tianjin Medical Vocational Institute, Wuxi Institute of Commerce, Tourism Institute of Beijing Union University
Educational Research Institutes for Intensive Training and Lifelong Education
  • Confucius Institute
    Established with financial support from the government of China, the Confucius Institute is Korea's leading educational organization providing courses on Chinese language, culture and tourism. Educational programs are operated in conjunction with Nankai University, one of China's 10 best universities, and the institute promotes global academy-industry networks with businesses in China.
  • Cultural Tourism Education Research Center/Free International City Center
    The institute publishes data packages and academic papers related to the field of cultural tourism, hosts forums and lectures, carries out academic research and publishes its findings, and offers financial support to projects promoting cultural tourism.
  • Food Art Center/Jeju Traditional Food Research Center
    The center operates training programs to produce local leaders in the food industry, hosts special lectures and runs seminars.