Producing forward-looking, globally-minded experts to be creative leaders of IT and architectural design companies involved with AI, Big Data and the Internet of Things!

Our Competitive Edge
  • Customized industry-demanded human resources training programs in conjunction with Nexon, Daum, KT, Samsung Electronics, Dae Jin Animation, etc.
  • Certification acquisition program ensures each student graduates with two certifications - computer applications, MOS, ITQ, photographic experts [Korea Association Visual Production Community], Information & communication industry engineer, Industrial Engineer Architecture, etc.
  • Customized industry-demanded training placements, and educational methods 'Capstone Design' focused on job skills
  • Selected as an "Outstanding Slow Tech Foundation College" - meeting the needs of society
  • Emphasis on competitiveness in the global market, guest professors from overseas, oneon- one foreign language education programs
  • Work and study abroad programs at the State University of New York in the U.S.A., University of Newcastle in Australia and Hefei University in China
  • Support for overseas employment in Japan, Australia, Singapore and other countries
Specializing in the New Growth Engine Industry of IT Convergence Technology
  • Specialized training in the new technology convergence of AI, big data, IOT(lnternet of Things)
  • Strategically focused on producing talented individuals in new growth engine fields including AI, 3D printing, IOT(lnternet of Things), AR·VR, drone, etc.
  • We foster the development of creative personnel for the construction industry through our support of the Construction Technology Education Innovation Center
  • We support AI, IoT, 3D printing, ICT, big data, AR·VR tech research through the Information Technology Education Research Center, 3D Fusion Technology Center, Construction Technology Education Innovation Center and Broadcasting and Film Center
  • Special transfer support for connected programs at Korea University