School of Equine Science

Producing the nation's finest equine industry professionals at the best equine training facility in the country!

Our Competitive Edge
  • The nation's only four-year undergraduate school of equine industry
  • Curriculum includes production, rearing and training of horses, horseback riding, horse racing, rehabilitation horseback riding, general equine industry
  • Faculty in each field with outstanding credentials
  • Job skills training through four years of on-site experience at horse rearing and foster ranches, horse riding centers and an equestrian racetrack on Jeju Island
Customized Education for the Equine Industry, a New National Growth Engine
  • The equine industry has emerged as a new leisure industry due to an increase of income levels in Korea
  • Development of a new paradigm for the Korean agriculture and livestock farming and leisure industry, in accordance with the Equine Industry Promotion Act of 2011
  • The national government has a long-term development plan for the promotion of the equine industry
  • Designated and financially supported by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province as a Specialized University for the Equine Industry
  • Customized education with superb training programs for equine industry professionals
An Increasing Demand for Equine Industry Professionals, Great Expansion in Variety of Employment Opportunities
  • Breeding, training, fostering and managing horses
  • Racetracks, horse riding courses, rehabilitation horse riding, other industries involving horses
  • Horse gear industry, distributor, processor, various industries including recreation facilities
  • Public servant for planning, research and law enforcement related to the equine industry, employee of the Korea Racing Authority, Institute of Equine Industry Research, equine academies
  • Overseas employment in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United States - countries with a lack of equine industry workers