School of Arts

Providing the Means to Achieve Your Dreams, Producing Ambitious and Highly-skilled Artists

Competitive Edge
  • We offer Art education programs focused on job skills through our NCS program, taught by the arts industry's leading professionals
  • Our graduates go on to become globally recognized artists in the fields of design, music and beauty arts thanks to our first class educational environment (High Tech Center, Halla Art Hall, Geumho Mirae Building, etc.)
  • Our departments achieve remarkably high graduate employment rates, proving the success of our programs: "Fusion Designers" focused on creative thinking, "Pro Musicians" with aesthetic and popular sensibilities, and "Beauty Professionals" leading the field of cosmetic enhancement
  • Selected as a Practical Skills Educator Training Institution
    • acquisition of Practical Skills Educator Certification
Outstanding Artistic Talent to Meet the Demands of Cultural Diversity
  • Superior major subject activities: outstanding awards, variety of performances, major subject qualification acquisition
    • Department of Industrial Design | Training practical and future-oriented converged service design professionals with a focus on diversity; effective educational courses that converging 3D printing, visual design(graphic design), living product design and fashion graphic design; enhancing personal careers by submitting pieces to open design exhibitions; education in capstone design and local and overseas internships for enhancing design skills; education in design start-up strengthen the start-up mindset and working skills
    • Department of Music | Selected as a National Outstanding College in the Field of Music, Practical Skills Educator Training Department (Music Department Practical Skills Educator qualification), annual Music Department Performance ('Halla Musicians' Night', 'New Students Classical Music Concert', 'New Students Popular Music Concert', Music Department's Professors Concert, Student Ensemble Concert), member of Jeju indy Namgida Band, Prize winners in the piano category at Mozart competition, Prize winners in 'Asia International Piano Academy Festival', Most Outstanding Award in the 'Baeknana Music Festival' (singers), Most Outstanding Award in the 'Tamna Music Festival', Most Outstanding Award at the 'Halla Music Festival', 'First Korea Applied Music Festival' and selection by Korean government as host of the 2016 Culture Day 'Spring Mic Season 2', performances at the "Incheon Metallica Tribute 3rd Performance Festival", "Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival" and the "Tamna Culture Festival"
    • Department of Beauty Arts | Major subject divisions (1st semester, 1st year: Skincare or Hairstyling), Long term onsite training program (2nd semester, 2nd year), Halla Beauty Shops for each major, Business Creation Club and volunteerism through major subject clubs, youth-centered training programs and financially supported ventures, participation in nationwide 'Beauty Skills Competition' and many awards at exhibition competitions, aesthetician's license, beauty practice instructor certification, aesthetician's certification (general/skin care), barber Certification, hair colorist certification, hair and acalp manage certification, nail art certification, makeup certification, thai massage certification, aromatherapy certification, footcare certification, and acquisition of other qualifications
  • NCS-level onsite job skills training programs and aesthetic sense and creativity development to prepare students for work in the '21st century culture industry
  • Academy-industry network system for each area of the field of arts helps students get the job skills they need
Producing Global Competitive Artistic Talent to Lead the 21st Century Arts World
  • Our students go on to become globally competitive artists thanks to our overseas exchange programs, courses that reflect recent international trends, and use of NCS to teach both theory and practice
  • Producing global artistic talent by improving students' abilities to find employment abroad
    • Accomplishing overseas employment in foreign countries such as Japan, Australia and Germany
    • Providing a high quality program for supporting overseas employment
  • Foreign professional artists are invited to give special lectures
    • Host of the State University of New York Music Department's Professors Concert: Classic Jazz / Master Class
    • Host of the Professor Marek Keprt Piano Concert (Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci, Czech Republic) CHEJU