• Please submit your application via mail to
  • Office of International Affairs, Cheju Halla University, 38 Halla Daehak-ro, Nohyeong Dong, Jeju Si, Jeju Do, 63092
  • Contact the Office of International Affairs for more detailed information

Office of International Affairs Highest employment rate in the nation for 11 consecutive years

The Office of International Affairs in Cheju Halla University

The Office of International Affairs at Cheju Halla University was established in 2006 in order to make CHU a more globalized campus and increas its competitiveness by attracting foreign talents. The office continues to establish partnerships with overseas universities and expand our programs for the benefit of our international students.

Required Documents

  Documents Remarks
1 Official application form Download from the Office of International Affairs homepage at Notice Board
2 Personal statement and records of school attendance Official forms
(download from the Office of International Affairs homepage as given above)
3 Documents verifying foreign nationality Copy of citizenship card or passport
4 Certificate of (prospective) high school graduation, and transcript(s) Applicants who submit prospective graduation certificates must submit official high school graduation certificate before admission.
5 Certificates or documents proving Korean language proficiency Submit as notified
6 Family relationship certificate Any official certificate that proves family relationship (between the applicant and parents) issued by government authorities.
7 Financial Ability
Bank statement in the name of the applicant or applicant's parent(s) showing a balance of at least $18,000 USD
*Statement must have been issued within 3 months of the application deadline
*If an effective period is provided, the balance must have been maintained for at least 6 months prior to issuance
8 Financial affidavit See attached form below
9 5 color photos (3.5 x 5 cm) Taken within the last 6 months
(in front of a plain white background)
10 Health insurance policy If not available, students must purchase and submit a policy within the first month of admission

Language proficiency criteria

  • Minimum scores for English language proficiency tests
    TOEFL: 530 or higher (CBT 197 iBT: 71), IELTS: 5.5 or higher, CEFR: B2 or higher, TEPS: 600 or higher
  • Other officially authorized private English language test scores must be equivalent to those above.
  • If an applicant's first or official language is English, CHU waives the English proficiency test score requirement upon submission of proof (i.e. graduation certificate from an English-speaking country).

Visa Process

Submit Application and required documents > Acceptance or denial of admission announced within a week > Pay tuition > Certificate of Admission issued > Apply for a D-2 Visa > Entry

Tuition and Fees

Category Remarks
Enrollment Fee Tuition Application Fee
$450 USD $2,500 USD/semester $20 USD Tuition is the same for all departments

Student Dormitory

1. All international students must reside on campus unless special permission is given to reside elsewhere. International students are given priority in reserving rooms.
2. Housing Fee: $50 USD deposit, $550 USD/semester, $400 USD for initial break(summer or winter)
3. Shared Facilities: student lounge, cafeteria, internet access zone, gym, free wifi

Health Insurance

1. All international students must purchase and maintain accident insurance until graduation.
2. Annual insurance fee | Approximately $400 USD (subject to change on an annual basis)

Further Enquiries

International Affairs Office
• Phone | +82 64-741-7468, +82 64-741-7485
• Email |

Office of International Affairs Highest employment rate in the nation for 11 consecutive years