ARI, research team at UITM, Malaysia visited CHU
2016.06.22 15:22:27
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Center for International Affairs at CHU (President: Kim, Seong – Hun) welcomed a group of trainees from Accounting Research Institute at Univeriti Teknologi Mara, Analaysia and discussed exchange and cooperation.

The purpose for the visit was “Sustainable Governance and Quality Leadership” which was a part of “International Management Strategy, Leadership and Governance Training” program that was operated in Seoul, Korea. However, the team was so willing to see CHU’s facilities and curriculum that they flew to Jeju.

They were interested in CHU’s various term system of 2, 3, 4 years and remarkable achievement in job employment and suggested specific cooperation on student and academic exchange.

The visitors are Director Normah Omar of ARI at UITM and 24 professors in company with Mdm Rohany A rahman, the former president of the Malaysian Association of Corporate Treasurers. They also met Woohang Chae (a freshman in Department of Computer Information), a government scholarship student from Malaysia.


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