Student Service

Academic leave  


Visit the Division of Academic affairs(application form) -> Department office -> Division of finance -> Division of student welfare -> the Division of Academic affairs

Required document

  • Academic leave of absence application form
  • The seal of you and your guardians
  • Medical certificate(only medical leave of absence)
  • Notice of military duty(only military leave of absence)


(General leave of absence and leave of absence for military service)

  • A student should submit the leave of absence co-signed by a guardian within 30 days of beginning of each semester if he or she cannot take the lecture for more than one month due to illness, military service or unexpected reasons and a leave of absence period cannot exceed one year and be taken only two times during the total term of study at Jeju Halla University. The academic records of students on an academic leave of absence remain in an active status and students whose leave of absence is expired return to school.
  • Students entering into military service during the period of a General Leave of Absence should submit a copy of the notice of military duty and the certificate of military service within six months after taking the military service.