Office of Planning

The Purpose of Operation

  • Drafting essential & general plans on operation of our university to achieve our educational goals
  • Inducing our university to insure substantiality and efficiency by regulating various rules & systems and establishing middle and long term development plans
  • Contribute to the development of our university and exaltation of school image through systematic and effective promotion

Planning Team

  • Proposing and drafting general plans for our university
  • Reviewing and drafting amendments of general regulations of our university
  • Planning and reporting various plans and their progress
  • Establishing and closing of various organizations and regulations
  • Appropriation of payroll costs
  • Appropriation of tuition fee
  • Planning incentive policies for staff members
  • Income, and outcome management and budget planning
  • Execution and controlling of budget
  • Establishing and operating comprehensive promotional plans
  • Other promotional activities
  • Administration, financial affairs and management of the university
  • Other affairs related to the above mentioned areas

Evaluation Team

  • Affairs regarding University evaluation
  • Expanding staff members and regulating the number of students
  • Submitting various documents of our university
  • Research & development and Research year system
  • Space allocation & leasing facilities
  • Submission of basic information on the university to related official organizations
  • Collecting, analyzing and organizing various statistical data
  • Academic and cultural exchange with foreign universities and research institutions
  • Preparation and recordkeeping of various events
  • Comprehensive planning, regulation and management of informatization project and resources of information
  • Affairs related to students association, media, and alumni association
  • Other affairs related to the upper mentioned affairs

Curriculum Innovation Center

  • Supporting departments degree course operation which are participating (or going to participate) curriculum innovation or Education Accreditation
  • Activating academic activities and research regarding curriculum innovation or Education Accreditation
  • Providing information about curriculum innovation and degree course accreditation standards
  • Monitoring and promoting the results of curriculum innovation and education accreditation
  • Managing center operation and improving curriculum innovation and education accreditation system
  • Cooperating with other organizations such as Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea
  • Evaluation or Accreditation preparation in relation to Higher Education lawthe 11th article 2nd clause
  • Other affairs concerning the above