Academy-Industry Co-op

Background of Establishment

The 25thactregardingindustrialtrainingadvancementandindustrial-academic cooperation promotion

Objectives of Establishment

  • The Industry-Academic Collaboration Institution was established to meet the demands of an industrial society and was established on the basis of the regulations of industrial training advancement and academic-industrial cooperation promotion. Its goal is to research the knowledge and technologies required in training industrial personnel and achieving industrial advancement with the objectives of promoting students' industrial training. It aims to strengthen competitiveness of the University and to contribute towards the advancement of the local society and the country as a whole.
  • Industry-Academic Collaboration Institution manages various academy-industry cooperation projects through joint efforts with the government, local autonomous bodies, research organizations, and industrial bodies, etc.
  • Industry-Academic Collaboration Institution promotes the acquisition and management of intellectual property rights as well as the transfer and establishment of business. It also supports business incubation training and research centers to activate their installation and operation in the University

Operation Policies

  • To establish an organic cooperation system between industries and the school, and academic research with government offices.
  • To achieve an integrated control and activate academic-industry cooperation projects.
  • To achieve effectiveness in integrated management of resources for academic-industry cooperation.
  • To uplift the reliability and stability among bodies participating in academy-industry cooperation.

Organization of the Institution

Major Tasks

  • Planning, operating and evaluating industry-academic collaboration projects
  • Concluding and operating industry-academic collaboration agreement
  • Accounting management in relation to industry-academic collaboration projects
  • Tasks in relation to acquiring and managing intellectual property
  • Supporting for expansion and operation for facilities of University
  • Industrialization and transfer of technology
  • Other industry-academic collaboration related projects decided by the Presidential decree.

Detailed Tasks

  • Establishing industry-academic collaboration institute operating system
    • Hosting industry-academic collaboration institution operation committee meetingwwr
    • Planning and operating industry-academic collaboration institutions detailed tasks.
    • Expanding industry-academic collaboration institution operational personnel
    • Establishing accounting management regulation
    • Managing industry-academic collaboration institution related various rules and regulations
    • Establishing various fund management regulations
    • Promoting and collecting industry-academic collaboration related information
  • Operating government funded and externally commissioned projects
    • Operating government funded projects with the ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.
    • Operating and supporting specialized projects and reporting internal evaluation results
    • Operating and supporting commissioned projects and reporting internal evaluation results
    • Operating and supporting the ministry of Information and Communication funded projects and reporting internal evaluation results
    • Applying and operating for government ministries funded projects
    • Applying and operating for other local governments, and research institutions funded projects
  • Activating collaborative system among industry-academy-research institution-government
    • Expanding the number of business bodies for industry-academic collaboration agreement
    • Strengthening industry management for industry-academic collaboration
    • Activating industry-academic collaborative projects
    • Applying for industry-academic-research institution-government consortium projects.
    • Collecting and evaluating superior industry-academic collaboration cases
    • Inspecting progress of industry-academic collaboration projects
    • Developing and distributing booklets to promote industry-academic collaboration projects
    • Organizing and managing industry-academic collaboration project performance results
  • Activating the operation of subsidiary agencies and research institutions
    • Activating the operation of business incubation center
    • Activating the operation of other educational centers (PBL education Center, Halla•Stoney Brook Emergency Education Center)
    • Activating the operation of various research institutions
    • Supporting subsidiary agencies and research institutions
  • Activating professors business foundation and commissioned research with external institute
    • Selecting and supporting professors business foundation tasks
    • Discovering external research projects and encouraging professors participation
    • Managing indirect research funds
  • Managing and Acquiring Intellectual properties
    • Managing funds for external projects
    • Managing acquisition of intellectual property
    • Managing technology transfer projects

Main Projects

  • Specialization projects
  • Supporting customized training projects
  • Growth engine specialized university supporting projects
  • Neighborhood innovation specialized demonstrative projects
  • IndustryAcademyResearch institution collaborative technology development consortium projects
  • Technology guidance supporting projects for small and medium sized businesses
  • Employees informatization industry-academic collaborative training for small and medium sized business
  • Various research and development related projects