Halla Art Hall

Halla Art Hall

Cheju Halla University opened one of the finest art institutions in Republic of Korea called the 'Halla Art Hall'. With the Halla Art Hall, Cheju Halla University will become the central art institution by leading the true values of culture and arts of Cheju.

Based on our long-term development program and continuous investments, Cheju Halla University worked hard for a long time to structure an academic environment where specialization and professionalism are valued the most. After the recent opening of the Halla Art Hall, we have not only developed to be one of the most technologically advanced Universitys, but also have further sought to give our school an opportunity to become the central University in Northeast Asia.

In performing cultural and art programs, the Halla Art Hall is the finest art institution in Republic of Korea. It not only offers a spacious stage, but also has the latest sound and lightening system for various art and cultural performances. In addition, the Halla Art Hall provides a fresh and comfortable environment where a large range of art performances can be held. It is equipped with cooling and heating systems, ventilation systems, and sound absorbing walls for our audiences to enjoy the best quality of cultural and art performances in a cozy environment.

We are striving to make all the possible efforts for students to use the Halla Art Hall as a culture-sharing location. Moreover, Cheju Halla University will contribute to the culture and art maturation in the local community.