With a monthly university newspaper called the 'Halla Chun Chu', The Halla Chun Chu contributes to the formation of balanced voices from the student body and establishes a healthy college culture by accurately and quickly delivering campus news, announcements, and public opinions.


  1. The Halla Chun Chu appropriates an annual budget from the media fee included in student tuition and the earnings from advertisements.
  2. The dean will be the publisher. Newspaper making processes such as story selection, editing, and printing is to be proceeded with the supervision of a full-time faculty. Newspaper distribution will be executed with a head editor and student reporters.
  3. Major articles, yearly business and budget related reports shall be reviewed by the Newspaper & Media Management Committee.
  4. Cheju Halla University Newspaper will produce an annual business plan and budget, thus execute in accordance with them.