Information Processing Center


The Information Processing Center is aimed to manage the comprehensive academic and administrative system, to develop the relevant affairs exchange information through the information security system research, to support for the network, to practice in computer education and professors research as well as to acquire knowledge & technology, and to provide the information related with electronic data processing.


Establishing general plans on computer related programs

  • To improve network speed
  • To introduce a computerized administrative affair processing network
  • To analyze and design systems

* Performing and adjusting computer operations

  • Computer security system
  • Electronic Data Processing facilities management

* The comprehensive academic administration system management and development

  • College entrance system management and maintenance
  • The comprehensive academic administration system management
  • The comprehensive academic administration program development
  • The Web courses management
  • College Web mail accounts

* Practicing in computer education and support for the professors research

  • The practice in computer education support
  • The computer laboratory management
  • The software support Managing and supporting the Network facility
  • Internet network management and maintenance
  • LAN operation and maintenance

* Website management and support

  • Maintenance and Upgrade of the college website

* Electronic system maintenance

  • Electronic server(Host, Web, E-Mail Server etc.) support
  • Electronic system management
  • PC maintenance in campus