Language Education Center

Language Education Center / Welcome Message

There has been a steady increase of interest in learning foreign languages among Jeju citizens due to the increased number of foreign visitors in relation to the departure of Jeju Special Self-governing City, International free city, various international conventions, and Sports & Cultural festivals.

In order to meet the needs of times and local people for foreign language learning, Cheju Halla University opened the Language Education Center to provide various foreign language programs for Jeju citizens to increase their foreign language skills and for foreigners to learn Korean. For this purpose, we provide several foreign language certification courses such as TOEIC, and JPT, as well as various language learning programs such as English, Japanese and Russian conversation classes taught by native speakers in a variety of levels for various levels of learners such as adults, elementary school children, and kindergarteners. In addition to these, we also opened Korean language course not only for foreigners in Jeju but also for exchange students from our sister universities so that they can improve there Korean and experience Korean culture.

Roles Confucius Institute serves as a center for the promotion of academic exchanges and development programs between China and the Jeju Free International City and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. It also hosts many events and educational programs regarding the Chinese language and culture that are open to the public. The Institute also provides CHU students with intensive, customized educational programs to help them become globally competent key players in the region of northeast Asia.

The Head of Cheju Halla University, Language Education Center
Kim, Shin Hyo