Distinctive Education for Future Professionals

Licensing and Certification Program

Our University has structured our curricula to enable students to acquire various nationally recognized certificates and qualifications in order to produce the professionals demanded by the local community and the nation.

Problem Based Learning Method

PBL is a new educational method which helps students to actively engage in the learning process, and teaches students how to become analytical and creative thinkers. Our University has instituted the PBL method in cooperation with the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Professor Advisory System

Professors are assigned as personal advisors to individual students from the time they begin University until they graduate to help them with academics, career choice and other issues. Professor consultations are a part of the academic curriculum, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to consult with professors at least twice a semester.

Study and Business Clubs

Every department has a "study club" that pursues greater depths of knowledge through additional study and research activities. Cheju Halla University's business clubs, which aim to produce experts in various fields, has been receiving grants from the local government's Department of Small and Medium Business Administration.

Emphasis on Information Technology

Computer classes are included in all departments' curricula in order for students to acquire highly proficient computer skills. Students now can access the internet anywhere on campus through our wireless network.

Global Opportunities

All students must study more than one foreign language, and Cheju Halla University has been expanding opportunities for students to go abroad by forming affiliations with prestigious universities around the world.