Education Broadcasting Station


Having core values with the highest quality contents and delivering genuine news based on the truth, the Cheju Halla University Education Broadcasting Station helps students develop a healthy moral sentiment. It also creates an atmosphere where students can focus on academics. The Cheju Halla University Education Broadcasting alsol takes part in creating both a healthy student media and college culture by delivering major news from on-and-off campus.


  1. Having a dean as the chief of broadcasting station, student broadcasters with the general manager as the supervisor are to carry out broadcasting services autonomously under the supervision of the full-time faculty members.
  2. It complies with regulations on the broadcasting schedule management and strives to make various programs which could increase the level of student participation.
  3. Major article contents, yearly business and budget related reports shall be reviewed by the Newspaper Media Management Committee.
  4. In accordance with the general manager's responsibility, all media related equipment are to be maintained in their working condition at all time; thus to ensure the highest quality of service.