School of Continuing Education

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In the 21st century rapidly changing knowledge-based society, the degree of dependancy on human resources who has abundant knowledge and creativity is increasing. Producing these human resources can be achieved not only with regular education but also lifelong education and training after graduation for adults.

CHU has been designated as Jeju lifelong learning central university since 2009 by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and contributed to increase the quality of life of local residents by activating lifelong education and supporting adult learners learning with systematic learning program to fulfill our duty and responsibility.

Our universitys lifelong education center supports local adult learners learning so that they can contribute for the development of our community and nation by providing learning opportunities while materializing lifelong education philosophy, increasing their cultural awareness and knowledge, and utilizing universities human and material resources.

In order to achieve these, we are cooperating with Jeju Special self-governing province and developing & operating educational programs for joint growth of society-university-residents by using universitys human & material infrastructure. The educational programs consists of acquiring academic credit, licenses, business creation, health and general knowledge which are useful for employment and job creation. The learners who finish the courses will have semi-professional level of knowledge and the opportunity of acquiring academic degree so that our center can help not only for their personal growth but also for the development of society.

Our center will try our best to provide the best learning environment for adult learners by strengthening cooperation with society, managing academic affairs for adult learners, and providing career advice.
 Thank you very much!

The head of Cheju Halla University Continuing Education Center Ko, Kwan Yong

Objectives of operation & History


Our center supports adult learners learning so that they can improve their quality of life in their house and workplace and develop their potential ability while materializing lifelong education philosophy by utilizing universities human and material resources.

  • To provide various learning opportunities for local residents and construct lifelong education system
  • To provide retraining opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skill
  • To fulfill the goals of lifelong education which maintain and improve the quality of life
  • To contribute for the development of society by providing educational chances for society
  • To provide professional education to adapt ourselves in the 21st century specialized era