Business Incubation Center

Business Incubator Center

Based on the Jeju international Free City Advancement Project including Future Core Technology (IT, BT, CT, NT, ET) development, and High-Tech science complex building for Bio & IT industry development, it is required of CHU (Cheju Halla University) to establish Business Incubation Center in connection with Bioscience Research Center, Native Local Food Research Center, Information Technology Research Center, and University Specialization Project regarding Nursing, Health Science, Family, Social Affairs, and Computer & Information division in order to highlight the image of Clean Jeju

We induce venture company foundation based on BT (Bio-Technology) and IT (Information Technology) and support foundation of businesses which can bring synergy effects among companies in the center through cooperative technology development, and marketing strategy sharing in order to play a role of a stronghold for human resources and technology, to contribute the development of local industry by fostering knowledge-intensive venture companies which are closely related to locally specialized industries and by supporting foundation of futuristic high-tech venture companies, and to enhance the image of our school and practical industry-academic cooperation.

Central Objectives

  1. Improving local industry structure by focusing on fostering futuristic high-tech biotechnology and e-commerce area venture company.
    - Locally suitable environmentally friendly BT, and E-commerce venture business incubation support
    - Specialized new technology, and new knowledge intensified business research support
    - High value added area business incubation support and inducement

  2. Maximizing employment opportunity expansion by fostering small and medium sized venture companies
    - Fostering venture companies by supporting business incubation club
    - Inducing business foundation in connection with patented venture techniques of research centers
    - Encouraging business foundation through business incubation contest
    - Operating business incubation program by constructing venture business incubation supporting system