Halla Scholars' Dormitory

Halla Student Dormitory

Opened in March of 2002, the Halla Student Dormitory is located within Cheju Halla University campus with the best facilities in the nation and has rooms for 366 students (148 males, 218 females). Each room is equipped with high-speed internet access leaving nothing to be desired by todays generation of students. Heating and air-conditioning provide a comfortable atmosphere, allowing students to pursue their studies without any distractions. The Dormitory facility also includes a large fitness center, table tennis room, lounge, billiards hall, shower rooms, internet research center and convenience store, making sure that the students have everything they need near by.

Student Rooms (shared by 2 students)

Furnished with personal bed, desk, bookshelf, chair, nightstand, locker, shoe locker, closet, internet, heating and air-conditioning, making life at the dormitory as comfortable as living at home


Both mens and womens dorms have laundry and shower facilities, and the campus convenience store carries a wide range of products for students.


Each floor of the dormitory has a lounge equipped with a TV, computer and other conveniences that students share as they meet friends and take breaks.

Physical Training Center

The Center has a complete set of weight training equipments and a table tennis area, and students can play basketball, soccer and billiards along with other sports and games.

Free Foreign Language Classes

CHU provides its students with free foreign language education so that they can improve their language skills. Available language cyber classes include English, Japanese and Chinese.