Human compassion and high-tech education

The Department of Nursing is the leading department of Cheju Halla University, and as the first nursing educational institute to be established in Jeju, the department continues to build on its 48-year history, implementing its vision of becoming a leading, internationally renowned nursing department. In 2001, a unique integrative program using the Problem Based Learning (PBL) method was introduced. The Core Skill TLP (Tutorial, Lab, Practicum) program has been in operation since 2007, and our courses use this system to give students the core nursing skills they require for success. We have been offering a 4-year degree program since 2012. Our department provides an educational environment which meets the demands of domestic and international industries, and produces globally competitive professional nurses.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Writing and Speaking, Basic Biology, TOEIC(1)(2), General Elective Courses(1)(2) (3), Chinese/Japanese, Career Choice and Development, Basic Business Creation, Medical Terminology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Human Growth and Development, Theory of Communication, Science of Nursing121
  2. College Life and the Future(1)(2), TOEIC(3)(4), Pathology, Pharmacology, Human Psychology, Clinical Spinal Theory, Bio-ethics, Science of Nursing211, Science of Nursing221, Science of Nursing212, Science of Nursing222, Core Nursing Skills1, Core Nursing Skills2, Nursing & Lab22A, Health and Diet, Nursing Statistics, Health Inspection & Lab
  3. Career and Professional Ethics(1)(2), Counseling Theory and Practice, Science of Nursing311, Science of Nursing321, Science of Nursing312, Science of Nursing322, Nursing Research Methods, Mother and Child Simulation Lab, Nursing & Lab31A, Nursing & Lab31B, Nursing & Lab31C, Nursing & Lab 32A, Nursing & Lab32B, Practical English for Nursing, Theory of Health Education, Nursing Informatics, Emergency Relief Nursing
  4. Career and Self-Improvement(1)(2), Science of Nursing411, Law, Science of Nursing412, Intensive Care Simulation Lab, Integrated Simulation Lab, Nursing & Lab41A, Nursing & Lab41B, General Lab42A, General Lab42B, Nursing & Lab42C, Special Lecture on Nursing1, Nursing and Law, Supplementary Integrated Nursing, Elective Lab, Special Lecture on Nursing2, Special Lecture on Nursing3, International Healthcare and Nursing Policy, Geriatric Nursing

Department Strengths

  • The first nursing department in Jeju Province with a tradition spanning 48 years.
  • Selected for 10 consecutive years by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as one of Korean "Most Outstanding Specialized Departments"
  • First in Korea to introduce job skill-focused integrative educational programs including PBL, S-PBL and Core Skill-TLP
  • Educational programs and practicum offered in conjunction with Halla-Newcastle PBL Education Research Center
  • International Nursing Class to cultivate global graduates
  • Onsite training student exchange program with Stony Brook University in New York, U.S.A.
  • Academic exchanges with the University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Large faculty with overseas academic credentials and wide industry experience
  • International disaster response education programs
  • Selected as a Leading University for International Cooperation by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2014~2017
  • General knowledge promotion courses offered with the support of KOICA in 2014

Careers and Continuing Education

Clinical nurse at clinics, hospitals and general hospitals, healthcare civil servant, healthcare instructor, industrial nurse, social welfare institutions, nursing homes, research centers, overseas employment, going on to local and overseas graduate schools, etc