Producing professionals to lead Jeju's tourism industry, meeting the needs of 10 million tourists a year

The Department of Restaurant Management, a unique department on Jeju Island, was established to train restaurant and hotel managers who will provide high value-added business administration, the backbone of the tourism industry. In order to cultivate a professional workforce with practical job skills, the department offers the most advanced on-site practical training with high-tech laboratory facilities and equipment, and provides students with the opportunity to train at a high class hotel restaurant. The department also offers advanced degree programs in conjunction with some of the world's leading universities, as well as internship programs with multiple well-known domestic and foreign food service companies, including hotel restaurants. Department professors, combining their international perspectives and experience in the field, are striving to create Northeast Asia's finest on-campus hotel restaurant.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Theory of Food and Beverage Service(1)(2), Barista Skills 1.2, Food and Beverage Service Lab(1)(2), Baking and Pastries Lab, International Hotel Management, Marketing Management, Guest Room Management, Principles of Finance, English Conversation1(1)(2), TOEIC1(1)(2)
  2. Cuisine Theory(1)(2), Bartender Skills, Korean Cuisine Lab, Sommelier Skills, Western Cuisine Lab, Food and Beverage Price Management, Asset Accounting(1)(2), Management Strategy, English Conversation2(1)(2), TOEIC2(1)(2)
  3. Housekeeping Skills, Front Desk Skills, Food and Beverage Supervision, Restaurant Supervision, Research Methods (1)(2), Labor and Management, Hotel Personnel Management, Guest Room Supervision, Quality and Sustainability Management, Management Statistics, Asset Management, On-site Training, English Conversation3(1)(2), TOEIC3(1)(2)
  4. Capstone Design, Seminar, Mathematics for Management, Hotel Restaurant Regulations, Graduate Thesis, Hotel Accounting, Introduction to MICE, Food and Beverage Hygiene Management, Asset Management, Franchise Management Theory, Business Communication, Hotel Marketing Strategy, Semester Long-term Onsite Lab, English Conversation4(1)(2), TOEIC4(1)(2)

Department Strengths

  • IPP (Industry Professional Practical) System : IPP is an 'industry partnership long term onsite training" system that aims to produce creative professionals with practical job skills. Students spend between 4 and 6 months working at a company in the 4th year of their studies. This allows them to gain the knowledge and skills required to become a professional in the field, and greatly aids in their competitiveness in their future job search.
  • Onsite Hotel Training Program: Students take such courses as Housekeeping Skills, Front Desk Skills and Guest Room Supervision, and have the opportunity to directly practice what they learn at CHU's very own training hotel. This allows them to gain firsthand experience in putting their knowledge into practice.
  • Onsite Restaurant Training Program: Students get direct experience in recipe creation, greeting customers, cooking and customer service, thereby building the skills required by industry employers. Courses such as food service, beverage service, banquets and culinary arts are based around hands-on practice at CHU's restaurant and convention center.

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Beverages | Bartender, wine sommelier, barista Catering | Korean food, European food, Chinese food, Japanese food, confectionery, bakery, nutritionist, hygienist Business administration | Catering management, franchise management consultant, business (entrepreneurship) consultant, hotel manager, hotel management consultant
  • Career Opportunities
    Hotel/Restaurant Industry | Large scale hotels, restaurant franchise business, distribution industry, restaurant ownership Tourism Industry | Travel product planning, exhibition planning, convention professionals. cruise industry Public agencies | Tourism associations, development corporations, techno park, related associations Other | Graduate school, overseas employment, theme parks, duty-free shops, aviation ground support