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Producing globally-minded, English-speaking leaders of the tourism industry

The Department of Tourism & English has a proud history on the island. Since our founding in 1989, the department has produced more than 1,000 graduates. We currently have three full-time Korean professors and native English-speaking professors. The department's alumni have taken on leading roles in the tourism industry, distinguishing themselves at a large number of fine schools, hotels, airline companies and other businesses in Korea and around the world. An English Reading Instructor for Children certification course was recently established to assist graduates in finding jobs at educational institutions.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Self-Development Skills, Information Ability, Basic English Grammar, Basic English Listening, Practical English Composition, English for Daily Life(1)(2), TOEIC(1)(2), Elementary English Listening, Basic English Reading, English Conversation in the Media(1)(2), Intermediate English Grammar, English Children's Stories, Introduction to Youth Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Resources
  2. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Korean History, Intermediate English Listening, Advanced English Listening, Intermediate English Reading, Advanced English Reading, Intermediate English Composition, Advanced English Composition, Intermediate English Conversation, Advanced English Conversation, English Conversation for Tourism(1)(2), English Interpretation Practice, Childhood Educational Psychology, Teaching Materials for Childhood English Education, English Teaching Methods, Grammar Practice(1)(2), Tourism Law

Department Strengths

  • Overseas Internship Program (English-speaking countries)
    Assistance in career path planning through a variety of overseas internships; cultivation of global competitiveness through international business job training programs
  • Overseas training exchange programs
    Students can spend one semester (15 weeks) studying at a college in America, Australia, Singapore or elsewhere, learning the skills need to be globally competitive
  • Overseas employment program in Australia, Dubai, Germany and other countries
    Work experience gained in foreign countries gives students the global mindset and cultural awareness needed for successful employment in hotels and restaurants around the world

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Career Opportunities
    Domestic and international travel agencies, English interpretation and translation, tour guide, airline company operations staff member, flight attendant, duty free shop, various tourism industry enterprises, import and export companies, civil servant, childhood education institute, English language academy,
  • Transfer
    Transfer to a 4-year degree program in Korea in subjects related to tourism and English