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Bringing light and giving hope, creating professional counselors and social workers

The Department of Social Welfare offers quality education and innovative teaching methods to train professionals in social work. Through the various college degree courses and agreements with the overseas social welfare facilities, we train advanced welfare professionals including global talents in order to contribute to social welfare. Through participation in our major subject clubs, students enhance their knowledge of the field. We ensure that our students obtain national certifications to work as social workers, youth counselors and instructors. The university provides students support for attending graduate schools and studying abroad.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Foreign Language Conversation1.2 (English, Chinese, Japanese), General Liberal Arts1.2, Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Welfare Administration, Theory of Social Welfare Politics, Theory of Child Welfare, Developmental Psychology, Youth Psychology and Consulting, Youth Culture, Youth Issues & Protection, History of Social Welfare, Human Behavior & the Social Environment
  2. College Life & the Future(1)(2), Foreign Language Conversation & Lab1.2, Theory of Practical Social Welfare, Theory of Social Welfare & the Elderly, Theory of Welfare & the Disabled, Career Counseling, Youth Program Development & Evaluation, Youth Activities, Social Welfare Legislation, Social Welfare Research, Academic Consulting, Family Welfare, Normal Psychology, Personality Psychology
  3. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Multi-culturalism & Social Welfare, Establishment & Operation of Social Welfare Facility, Theory of Social Work Practical Skills, Community Social Welfare, Group Psychology, Youth Counseling Methods, Youth Fostering Systems, Theory of Volunteer Work, Course and Practices in Consulting, Social Work On-site Training, Counseling Physiology, Women's Welfare, Case Management & Practice
  4. Careers & Self Development(1)(2), Social Psychology, Special Lecture of Social Welfare, Welfare Program Development and Evaluation, Understanding of Social Professional Ethics & Philosophy, Psychological Evaluations, Crisis Consulting, Counseling Techniques & Lab, Youth Social Welfare, Mental Health & Social Welfare, Theory of Social Security, Social Work Supervision & Practice, Family Counseling

Department Strengths

  • National certification and employment-related qualifications (social workers, youth counselors and instructors, etc.)
  • Preparation for graduate school and studying overseas
  • Major subject student clubs
    (welfare for the disabled-Gomduri, consulting-mentoring, Geriatric welfare - Senior's Friends )

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Graduate school.Study abroad
    • Local graduate school
    • Study abroad
  • Career Opportunities
    Social welfare official, Social welfare facilities and institutions, organizations related to social welfare, consulting facilities and institutions, youth facilities and institutions
  • Preparation classes for National Examination (Level 1 Social Worker's License) and Civil Service Examination