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Occupational therapists:
The future of rehabilitation begins at your fingertips!

The term 'occupation' as related to the work of occupational therapists relates not only to employment but refers to any and all activities required in the performance of day-to-day activities. Occupational therapists practice a kind of rehabilitative medicine that seeks to cure those who suffer from reduced physical, mental or developmental function, regardless of the cause. Our department's outstanding teaching staff have extensive clinical experience and the learning environment we provide includes labs that are equipped with a wide variety of top-notch equipment. The goal of our 3-year program is to produce professionals in the field of rehabilitative medicine who aid people in recovering full physical and mental functions.

Curriculum | Three-year Program

  1. General Elective Courses(1), Understanding Psychology, TOEIC, Communication Skills, Introduction to Occupational Therapy, Anatomy, Occupational Therapy for Disease, Daily Life Activities, Medical Terminology, Physiology, Theory on Child Development, Rehabilitation Welfare, Functional Anatomy, Clinical Kinesiology, Understanding of Handicapped Children, Social Volunteer Work
  2. Childhood Occupational Therapy, Clinical Treatment Assessment, Occupational Therapy for Nervous Disorders(1), Neuroanatomy, Physical Examination & Lab, Rehabilitative Exercise, Workplace Analysis, Theory On Medical Devices, Counseling psychology, Clinical Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Occupational Therapy Tools and Lab, Therapy For Swallowing Disorders, Sensory Disability and Mediation, Theory of Mental Health, Research Methodology, Sensory Rehabilitation Onsite Lab, Clinical Lab(1), Clinical Lab(2), Clinical Lab(3)
  3. Psychosocial Occupational Therapy, Musculoskeletal Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy for Nervous Disorders(2), Sensation and Cognitive Rehabilitation, Local Community Rehabilitation, Sprint Manufacture, Advanced Occupational Therapy(1), Advanced Occupational Therapy(2), Juvenile Analysis and Evaluation, Geriatric Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology, Occupational Therapy Seminar, Clinical Case Research, Public Health, Medical Law

Department Strengths

  • Each student graduates with at least two professional licenses, including an Occupational Therapist's License
  • We emphasize practical job-skills training through the use of NCS and S-PBL in the classroom
  • Wide variety of teaching equipment to ensure full acquisition of skills
  • Outstanding teaching staff with extensive clinical experience
  • Laboratories for each clinical field
    (Sensory Integration Therapy Room, Child and Adult Occupational Therapy Labs, Daily Life Activities Training Room)
  • Full preparation for national examinations
  • Abundant job opportunities
  • Job training in seven industry fields through the activity department-based clubs
  • Promoting job understanding and practices through the local community connection program
  • Students have the opportunity to acquire a degree in healthcare through our Top-Up Program

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses and Qualifications
    Occupational therapist's license, sensory rehabilitation specialist
  • Career Opportunities
    General hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, geriatric care centers, medical clinics (rehabilitative medicine, cosmetic surgery, neuropsychiatry, psychiatry), hand therapy, welfare organizations for the disabled, retirement homes, medical aids manufacturers, senior citizens welfare organizations, healthcare centers, rehabilitative medicine research centers, special educational institutes, facilities for the disabled, childhood development centers
  • Career Opportunities
    Top-Up Program (4-year program, 1 year of night classes), study abroad and transfer to graduate schools