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Producing visual communicators to lead Korea and work around the world

The Department of Industrial Design aims to train practical and future-oriented converged service design professionals by focusing on the diversity of our times. In order to do that, the fields of visual design, video design and animation design majors, living product and fashion and 3D formative design are transformed to provide a new type of converged design education course. During the process, as students do research and develop theoretical, cultural and formative values in various design fields and carry out design projects focused on marketing and manufacturing, they develop problem-solving skills and design skills.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), English Conversation, TOEIC(1), General(1)(2), Ideas & Expression, Color Design, Theory of Design, Drawing(1), Drawing(2), Three-dimensional Design, Digital Design(1), Digital Design(2), Design Representation Techniques, Photography & Design
  2. College Life & the Future(1)(2), Writing and Speaking, TOEIC(2), Career Choice and Development, 3D Molding Design(1), Design History, Sketch & Rendering, Design Marketing, Editorial Design(1), Editorial Design(2), Illustration( 1), Illustration(2), Graphic Design(2), CAD
  3. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), 3D Molding Design(2), Branding, Environmental Design, Fashion Graphic Design, Advertising Design(1), Advertising Design(2), Products Design(1), Products Design(2), Motion Graphics(1), Motion Graphics(2), Interface Design, Fashion Products Design, Space Design, Service Design, On-site Training
  4. Career and Self-Improvement(1)(2), Entrepreneurial Skills, Living Design Studio, Design Workshop, Video Design Studio, Space Design Studio, Communication Design Studio, Presentation Planning, Capstone Design, Design Studio(1), Design Studio(2), Design Studio(3), Design Studio(4), Long-term Onsite Lab

Department Strengths

  • Training professionals in Converged Service Design and 3D Printing
  • Advancing into various fields including visual design(graphic design) and video (motion graphic, animation), living products and fashion graphics
  • Employment at major companies and institutions through project experience connected to companies
  • Enhancing personal careers and raising tuition fees by submitting pieces to open design exhibitions
  • Education in capstone design and local and overseas internships for enhancing design skill
  • Education in design start-up to strengthen the start-up mindset and work skills
  • Overseas employment in the U.S.a, Germany, Japan, Australia and Dubai, studying abroad and entering graduate school
  • Variety of scholarships available

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Visual design industrial engineer, Industrial engineer product design, colorist industrial engineer, packaging industry engineer, multimedia contents creation professionals, culture and arts instructor, stylists, colorists, craftsman computer graphics operation, textile design industry engineer
  • Career Opportunities
    • Professional designer in the field of new media including graphic design, advertising design, design editing, identity design, package design, illustrations, fancy design, product design, UX/UI design, environment design, space design, game graphics, 2D/3D graphic design, animation design, video design, 3D printing, web design, motion graphics
    • Fashion graphics, fashion products, living products, interior design products, branded products, MD, etc.
    • Design laboratory at major companies, advertising agencies, design departments at medium and small businesses, industrial design corporations, governmental agencies such as the Korea Institute of Design Promotion
    • Press and publication fields handling design journalism and critics, Freelancing
    • Entering graduate school and studying abroad