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Ensuring the effectiveness of social welfare through warm-hearted professionalism

The Department of Social Welfare Administration is producing talented civil servants and social welfare administration professionals for a knowledgeand information-based society. Our educational programs focus on training caring, skilled administrators for public institutions, local social welfare providers equipped with outstanding job skills gained through on-site education, and social welfare experts with job skill certifications, computer skills and office skills. The department confers a level 2 social worker's license and classes focus largely on on-site training, offering a systematic academic experience. Students can also obtain professional competence of the administrative management by learning various administrative management skills.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Korean History, Chinese Classics, Introduction to Public Administration, Introduction to Information Management, Introduction to Social Welfare, Practical English, Family Social Welfare, Human Behavior & the Social Environment, Foreign Language Conversation, Public Financial Administration, Social Welfare Policy, Business Information Processing(1), Administrative Law, Social Problems Theory, Theory of Social Welfare Practice, Accounting Principles
  2. Personnel Administration, Social Welfare Law, Social Welfare Administration, Civil Law, Business Information Processing( 2), Volunteerism, Public Administration Training, Social Welfare Practice & Theory, Theory of Public Organizations, Social Welfare Research Methods, Social Welfare Field Training, Computerized Accounting, Program Development and Evaluation, Community Social Welfare

Department Strengths

  • Level 2 social worker's license
  • Welfare information exchange cultivates the qualities required by professionals
  • Focus on on-site training, experience and job skills in addition to theory
  • Specialized education(professional certifications courses in computerized accounting, PCT(computer applications skills), Korean literature, social welfare research and analysis)
  • Special preparatory courses for public institutions and civil servant examinations (common administrative office, education administrative office, fire department)
  • Production of well-rounded, caring professionals equipped with administrative and computer skills

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Level 2 social worker, word processing, information processing technician, PCT (computer applications skills), office automation industrial engineer, internet researcher, ITQ (information technology qualification), administrative supervision, social research and analysis, Information Technician, policy analysis and evaluation
  • Career Opportunities
    Public organization (public administration, educational administration, social welfare), organizations and facilities related to social work, office and accounting jobs at public corporations (Korean Telecommunications Corporation, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Housing Corporation, Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation), financial institutions (bank, securities firm, Nonghyup, Shinhyup, Saemaeul Bank, mutual savings bank), airline companies (Korean Air, Asiana Airlines), travel agencies, hotel, clerical work at broadcasting companies (KBS, MBC, etc.), clerical work at private business, judicial scrivener's office, office and accounting jobs (tax accountant, accountant)
  • Continuing education
    • Special transfer to Korea University's Sejong Campus: School of Government Administration at Public Policy College
    • Special transfer to Jeju National University: Department of Administration