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Medical technologists, responsible for the diagnosis of disease! Medical technologists and researchers in disease prevention and health promotion!

Our goal is to train Medical technologists with the professional knowledge and analytical skills required to detect hereditary disorders, evaluate the effectiveness of medical treatments and diagnose diseases, through the application of the science of biology, combining natural and medical sciences. We produce professionals who carry out physiological examinations including cardiac ultrasound, brain waves and sleep electroencephelograms, electromyograms and pulmonary function tests. Our graduates become medical technologists who aid in disease prevention, health checks and public healthcare.

Curriculum | Three-year Program

  1. Medical technologists Chemistry(1), Microbiology, Clinical Hematology(1), Urine Chemistry, Analytical Instruments, Anatomy, Human Physiology, Pathology, Histology
  2. Diagnostic Histology, Electrocardiography, Ultrasound, Clinical Molecular Biology, Clinical Chemistry(2), Parasitology, Clinical Hematology(2), Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Ultrasonic Waves of the Cerebral Blood Flow, Nervous Function- Assessment, Clinical Pathology Clinical Training(1)(2)
  3. Immunoserology(1)(2), Blood Transfusion & Lab, Diagnostic Histology Lab, Clinical Physiology Practice, Public Health, Mycology, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Cytology & Lab, Health Care Law

Department Strengths

  • Job-focused curriculum with high-tech practice environment
  • The island's only distinctive department
  • On-site focused education through academic-industrial cooperation with medical institutions on the island
  • Excellent faculty with full working experience
  • High employment rate in the relevant field

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Career Opportunities
    • License holders: medical institutions, clinical evaluation centers at general hospitals, clinical pathology departments, physiological function evaluation centers, etc.
    • License holders and non-license holders: research centers, healthcare field civil servants
  • Employed in specialized fields
    • Bone-marrow transplant centers, environmental health research centers, Jeju National Quarantine Center, medical Foundations, graduate school of medicine research centers, echocardiography examination centers
    • Continuing education
    • 4-year Degree Program (after graduating from a 3-year program, students many attend 1 year of night classes), transfer to a graduate school