Training culinary experts for an exciting global field Preparing graduates for work around the world

The Department of Hotel Culinary Arts aims to produce the professional cooks needed for the development of a number of national industries. By studying the culinary traditions of a wide range of cultures and the creation and development of recipes, our students learn how to contribute to people's health and well-being. We provide our students with expert instruction in both the theory and practice of the culinary arts, and our graduates become professional cooks and chefs working for hotel restaurants, catering services, and school and company cafeterias in Korea and overseas. Currently, as a great number of chefs have been actively appearing on television, the occupation has been growing increasingly popular with teenagers.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), English, Japanese, Chinese (1), Nutrition, General Cooking Skills Theory, Familiarization with Basic Korean Culinary Skills, Familiarization with Basic Western Culinary Skills, Familiarization with Basic Japanese Culinary Skills, Korean Rice, Soup and Noodles, Korean Fresh Vegetables, Pancakes and Pickled Vegetables, Western Eggs and Salads (Italian), Western Stocks, Soups and Sauces(Italian), Japanese Seasoned Dishes and Platters, Japanese Soups, Jorim and Fried Dishes, Baking, Confectionery(1)
  2. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Creative Business & Human Resources Management Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Guidance on Food Research Project (Capstone Design), On-site Training(Internship), English, Japanese, Chinese(2)(3), Korean Jorim, Snacks and Juices, Western Horsd'Oeuvres and Pastas(Italian), Japanese Battered Foods and Wok Dishes, Baking(2)(3), Korean Steamed and Fried Dishes, Stews and Kimchi, Western Seafood and Meats(Italian), Japanese Steamed Dishes, Sushi and Noodles, Food Styling, Italian Vegetables, Theory of Experimental Cuisine & Lab, Coffee Theory & Practice, Chinese Culinary Theory and Lab(1)(2), Wine and Beverages, Jeju Traditional Cuisine Theory and Lab, Chocolate Theory & Practice

Department Strengths

  • Global chef training program, study abroad course and overseas employment course
    (Japan, Australia, Dubai, Germany, New Zealand)
  • Jointly produced curriculum and certification program with prestigious Italian culinary school "Pellegrino Artusi"
  • Wide range of subjects taught: Alcoholic Beverages, Food Styling, Desserts, Coffee, Chocolate, etc.
  • Professors with extensive work experience and master skills
  • New experimental laboratories for modern food production for each major subject
  • Promising career opportunities, with alumni from our 25-year history already working at luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Numerous awards at domestic and international cooking competitions through customized education programs focused on job skills
  • Four-year bachelor's degree through the Top-Up Program

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Chef (Korean. Western. Japanese, Chinese, Fugu, Baking, Confectionery), food industry technician (Korean, Western, Japanese, Fugu), hygienist, bartender, level 2 hygienist and hygiene inspector, level 2 food industry technician
  • Career Opportunities
    Chef in Korea or overseas, luxury hotels and tourist hotels, tourist restaurants, catering, baker (researcher and instructor in the field of culinary arts), restaurant management, instructor at culinary academy, culinary arts instructor for children, coffee industry, etc