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Fulfill your dream of becoming an expert in the field of medicine, Contributing to the development of healthcare in Korea and abroad

The goal of the Department of Healthcare Administration is to provide the professional knowledge and systematic on-site training needed in the field of health administration to contribute to local society and the national healthcare system. Our graduates become healthcare professionals with integrated problem solving skills and outstanding professional ethic. Decisions in healthcare must be made based on accurate information; to be a successful healthcare administrator one needs to be aware of a patient's medical records while managing a wide range of data using new information technologies. Our department offers just the right training program to achieve these goals. A foreign language program is provided to ensure that patients from other countries receive the treatment they need.

Curriculum | Three-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Character Development/ Understanding International Development & Cooperation, Interpersonal Relationships Ability/International Development Cooperation and Health and Medical, Medical Records Management(1)(2), Medical Terminology(1)(2), Anatomy and Physiology, Health Science, Computer Science(1) (2), Medical Insurance Criteria, Practice of Healthcare Insurance(1), Practice of Hospital Management, Practice of Hospital Administration, Practice of Hospital Coordination (1)(2), Medical English(1)(2)
  2. College Life and the Future(1)(2), Professional Ethics and Manners, Emergency Management, Medical Terminology(3), Cancer Registration(1), Classification of Disease and Surgery (1)(2), Health Statistics, Medical Records Transcription & Lab, Counseling psychology, Hospital Financial Accounting Management, Survey Methodology, Healthcare and Medicine DB Management, Medical Information Management, Practice of Healthcare Insurance(2)(3), Global English(1)(2)
  3. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Medical Records Training and Writing Skills, Advanced Medical Records, Fair Treatment Rights, Propriety Medical Records Lab(1)(2), Cancer Registration(2), Medical Law, Introduction to Pathology, Practice of Hospital Personnel Management, Practice of Hospital Planning and Strategy, Medical Service Marketing, Global English(3), Hospital Onsite Training, Hospital Management Theory

Department Strengths

  • Specialized educational environment
  • Computer and healthcare information management courses for healthcareand medical information managers
  • Emphasis on English education for training global talent and acquisition of internationally recognized qualifications
  • Management of character development school for training talented individuals with strong moral character
  • Wide variety of licenses and certifications related to major subjects
  • Focus on practical skills through job skills (NCS) education
  • Academy-industry human resources pooling system (participation in educational programs, internships, academic results evaluations)
  • Expansion of metropolitan hospital training opportunities through academy-industry cooperative partnerships

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses and Qualifications
    Medical records manager, hospital administrator, hospital coordinator, healthcare insurance inspector, Health Insurance Review, healthcare information manager
  • Career Opportunities
    medical institutions, medical records teams, PACS centers, cancer centers, health promotion centers, civil servant in the healthcare field, Ministry of Family Health and Welfare, National Quarantine Service, healthcare centers, city and provincial governments, Department of Statistics, Korean Central Cancer Registry, local cancer registry office, medical information teams, hospital computer centers, general affairs departments, administration departments, management departments, planning departments and other administrative areas, insurance claims centers at hospitals and medical clinics, hospital consulting companies, other areas related to information management