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Producing architects for the modern age through systematic teaching and training methods

The quickly evolving architectural technology revolution and the culture of architects demands specialization, sophistication and variety. Through its NCS program, the Department of Architectural Design trains students to have the global mindset and scientific knowledge and technical skills required to be professional architects. Our graduates go on to create active spaces for people to use through architectural design, interior design, building construction and facilities, among other things. Furthermore, students gain the ability to construct according to any demand, using their instinct built up through an understanding of aesthetic construction technology designed to provide places where people can live and breathe in safety.

Curriculum | Three-year Program

  1. Basic Computer Calculation, Construction CAD, Construction Systems, Architectural Plans, Structural Method, Construction Structure, Building Construction
  2. BIM Interior Design, Architectural Design, Architectural Law, Steel-frame Structures, Construction Equipment, Interior Design Studio
  3. Capstone Design, Computer Architecture Analysis, Building Maintenance & Safety Inspection, Construction Environments, Lighting Design, Design Studios

Department Strengths

  • We offer NCS programs
  • Focus on job skills training: CAD and computer graphics courses
  • Expanded learning opportunities through participation in various competitions (construction, CAD contests, etc.)
  • Effective educational programs using a wide range of audio-visual materials
  • Emphasis on academy-industry cooperative programs (on-site training, industry observation, etc.)
  • Opportunities to learn about the industry though special lectures by invited experts

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Building engineer, industrial architecture engineer, interior architecture engineer, architecture instructor, industrial interior architecture engineer, engineer architectural execution, engineer architectural structures, architect
  • Career Opportunities
    Architectural design offices, construction companies, interior design companies, construction equipment companies, construction materials companies, landscaping firms, construction supervision companies, general industry, civil servant in the construction administration field, computer graphics companies, transfer to military academy, transfer to a university and studying abroad, cooperative housing units and building supervisor