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Becoming leading emergency medical technicians equipped with practical world-class skills

As modern society becomes increasing industrialized and diversified, many kinds of sudden illnesses and accidents occur. In addition, the development of society and the economy increases healthcare demands, so a comprehensive approach to the healthcare enterprise is emphasized in the Department of Emergency Medical Technology. Our department was established in 1995 to provide quality emergency medical services for cases of acute illness and accidents, and it nurtures first-class emergency medical technicians through a threeyear course curriculum in the best educational environment in the country.

Curriculum | Three-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Lifeguarding(swimming), General Elective Courses, Introduction to the Theory of Education, TOEFL(1)(2), Basic Business Creation, Interpersonal Skills, Anatomy(1)(2), Emergency Patient Management, Medical Terminology, Physiology(1)(2), Public Health, Emergency Patient Management(1)(2), Patient Rescue and Transport, Environment Emergency Management, Basic Trauma Management, Emergency Action Management, Core-Skill(1)(BLS), Core-Skill(4)(Basic Injuries), Firefighting Safety Management
  2. College Life and the Future(1)(2), TOEFL(3)(4), Emergency Patient Assessment, Expert Trauma Management, Expert Cardiovascular Resuscitation, Comprehensive Hospital Lab(1)(2)(3), On-site Emergency Medicine Training, Emergency Pharmacology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Treatment Assistance for Internal Medicine, Treatment Assistance for Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine of Internal Trauma(1)(2), Emergency Medicine for Infants, Emergency Medicine for Expectant Mothers, Core-Skill(2)(Patient Management), Core-Skill(3)(Lifesaving Transport), Core- Skill(5)(Special Injuries), Core-Skill(6)(Special Cardiology)
  3. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Special Debates in Basic Medicine(1)(2), Special Debates in Emergency Patient Management(1)(2), Comprehensive Debates in Expert Emergency Medicine, Medical Law, Special Debates in Expert Emergency Medicine(1)(2)(3)(4), Disaster Management, Neurosurgery Support, Core-Skills Comprehensive Evaluation

Department Strengths

  • Most outstanding specialized department in Korea with advanced teaching facilities
  • Top-Up Program for acquisition of bachelor's degree in health science since 2008
  • Wide range of national and international emergency medicine education programs provide by the Halla-Stony Brook Emergency Medicine Education Center, and license acquisition process
  • Contribution to 'Safe Jeju': cooperative role in official WHO designation of Jeju as a 'Safe City'
  • International student and professor exchange programs with the Department of Emergency Medicine at the School of Medicine in the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook.

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Level 1 emergency medical technician [the Minister of Health and Welfare], KACPR, AHA BLS/ACLS provider (BLS-Health Provider, ACLS-Health Provider), Difficult airway treatment provider [the School of Medicine at the State University of New York at Stony Brook], P.A treatment assistant [Korea Emergency Medical Society], Lifeguard, Other licenses related to first aid
  • Career Opportunities
    • Civil servant (firefighting, corrections, coast guard, healthcare, national parks management service mountain rescue team, etc.)
    • Healthcare industry (general hospitals and medical clinics, urgent care transport organizations, emergency medicine information center (1339), etc.)
    • Air transportation (Korean Air, Gimpo Airport, Incheon Airport, Jeju Airport, etc.)
    • Private sector (Jeju Horse Race Track, Holy Family Senior Citizens Welfare Center, etc.)
    • Military (military hospitals, medical corps and medical centers)
    • Education research, staff and secretarial positions at colleges (Chungcheon College-Cheju Halla University Emergency Rescue Department, Halla-Stoneybrook Emergency Medicine Research Center, etc.)