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Leading the leisure sports industry in Jeju, a mecca for golf and other recreational activities

The Department of Leisure sports teaches students how to become 21st century leisure sports professionals and golf instructors through a combination of theoretical and practical education. Ensuring that students graduate with multiple licenses and qualifications, we produce outstanding professional golf instructors and leisure sports industry personnel who can compete with the best in the world. As each student is given guidance according to their strengths and weaknesses, each and every individual is assured the chance to enhance their skills and participate in on-site training through an academy-industry cooperation program. The department is divided into golf industry and marine leisure majors, and there is a wide variety of employment opportunities for all students upon graduation.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Sports Leadership Theory, Emergency Management and CPR exercises, Leisure Sports Major (Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Yachting, Pleasure Boating, Swimming, Taekwondo, Horse Riding, Golf, Security), Golf Industry Major(Golf Psychology Lesson, Golf Game, Golf Fitting, Golf On-site Training, Golf Swing Analysis)
  2. Sports Leadership Theory, Emergency Management and CPR exercises, Leisure Sports Major(Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Pleasure Boating, Swimming, Meditation Training, Badminton, Yoga, Golf, Security), Golf Industry Major(Golf Marketing, Golf Management, Golf Course Management, Golf Rules and Etiquette, Golf Game, Golf Swing, Golf Fitting), On-site Training, Golf Swing Analysis, Teaching Courses1, Introduction to the Theory of Education, Practical Education Methods

Department Strengths

  • Outstanding leaders produced for 21st century leisure sports culture
  • Job skills cultivated and employment opportunities increased through extensive academy-industry partnerships
  • Training for multi-functional, multi-dimensional leaders in the field as demanded by modern society
  • Educational programs matched to individual student needs ensure personal development and cultivation of leadership skills

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Marine leisure major
    Police officer, coast guard, military officer, noncommissioned officer, medical clinics and rehabilitation specialist, fitness related instructor, marine leisure resorts and public institutions, diving resort and commercial diving businesses, marine leisure sports, sports event agencies, overseas employment, transfer to a four-year university (Korea Maritime University, Kyung Hee University, Yong In University, Kookmin University, etc.), study abroad
  • Golf Industry Major
    Professional golf course staff (equipment team, member management team, course management team, etc.), professional golf instructor, golf instructor, semi-pro golfer, golf practice range pro, golf club fitting expert, personal golf trainer, personal fitness trainer, golf course instructor, golf-related instructor, golf course or golf practice range operator or manager, golf magazine journalist, employee at golf related industries, transfer to a four-year university (Yong In University, Kyung Hee University, Daegue University, Hoseo University, Daebul University), study overseas through academy-industry cooperation in advanced golf leisure countries