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Producing talented video professionals with extraordinary passion for new media

Meeting the demands of the 21st century digital video era, the Department of Broadcasting & Film offers training for those wishing to become broadcast video and cultural animation professionals and pursue careers in broadcasting, culture, theater arts, and new media. Fields of study for broadcast video professionals include video production, expert image editing, film, broadcast engineering, broadcast entertainment, special events, 3D shooting and editing, 2D animation, 3D animation, computer special effects (VFX) including stereoscopic 3D imaging, animation and specialized training in underwater video recording.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Broadcasting Theory, Broadcasting Academy, Foreign Languages(1), Film History, Film Lab, Theory of Video Creation, Film Contents Planning, Film Aesthetics, Creative Photography, Animation Storytelling Components
  2. 3D Film Theory, Understanding New Media, Film and Video Directing, Sound Direction, Digital Video Editing, Special Filming, Movie and Video Editing, Project Photography, TV Production Lab, Storytelling, Animation Design, Special Film Editing, Understanding CG Video, 3D Film Editing
  3. 2D Animation, Scenarios, Basic Acting, Lighting and Stage Design, New Media Contents and Usage, 3D Modeling(1), Producing and Reporting, Entertainers and Acting Theory, Documentary Production, Drone Filming, Capstone Design (1), Short Film Production
  4. On-site Training, 3D Animation, Radio Production, Understanding Motion Capture, Stage Art Special Qualification, 3D Modeling(2), Advertising Contents Production, Film Specialist Qualification, Advertising Photography, Capstone Design(2)

Department Strengths

  • Underwater Stereoscopic 3D Specialization Promotion: 2010
  • Daum track, Nexon track: 2012
  • Daejin Animation track, selected for localization project: 2013
  • Opened Academy-Industry Cooperation Animation Training Center: 2014
  • Reorganized Department Curriculum: 2015

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Career Opportunities
    • Broadcasting (KBS, MBC, SBS, KCTV, traffic broadcasting, radio stations, etc.)
      Cameraman, audio engineer, movement director (MD), video editing engineer, systems management engineer, lighting director, broadcast CG engineer, cable TV facilities installer, radio technology coordinator, stage director (FD), TV reporter, TV radio configuration artist, video journalist (VJ)
    • Video / Multimedia (government offices and broadcasting facilities, advertising agencies, production, IT companies, etc.)
      Broadcast facility official, video production PD, film director, internet broadcasting director, music video director, visual training instructor, broadcasting equipment installer, broadcasting equipment engineer, documentary film director, video contents developer, 3D video production, game content planning and production
    • Animation / Culture and the Arts (animation, cultural facilities, festivals, show promotion, evet companies, theme parts, etc.)
      2D/3D animator, webtoon artist, character design, animation production and planning, cartoon illustration, illustrator, recreation leaders, culture and arts event planning, event PD, event MC, director, special effects supervisor, culture and arts officials, cultural center instructor, model, entertainment