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Communicating through the free expression of emotion, producing creative professional musicians

The 21st century is an age of increased competition among cultures. The goal of the Department of Music is to train outstanding talented musicians who can contribute to the development and improvement of the cultural arts industry. We ensure that our students receive professional training in both theory and practice, and have the opportunity to develop and express their individual talents. To produce the most talented professional musicians with both great skill and deep character, customized special music programs are offered, with individually personalized practice classes and concert labs given by prestigious faculty members.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Major Subject Skills(1)(2), Ensemble(1)(2), Stage Performances( 1), Chorus & Rhythm Section Ensemble(1)(2), Classical Piano, Keyboard Harmony, Lyrics, Songwriting, Score Production, History of Music(1)(2), History of Popular Music(1)(2), Introduction to the Theory of Music, Theory of Harmony(1), Sight Singing and Ear Training(1)(2), Understanding Sound Quality, Traditional Art Techniques(1)(2) Samul Nori, Understanding College Life(1)(2), Communication Skills(English Conversation), Information Ability
  2. Major Subject Skills(3)(4), Ensemble(3)(4), Stage Performances (2), Chorus & Rhythm Section Ensemble(3)(4), Accompaniment Techniques(1)(2), Arrangements, Music Therapy, Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Theory of Harmony(2), Music Teaching Methods, Introduction to Traditional Korean Music(1)(2), Orchestra Instrument Methods, Entrepreneurship and Art Management, Graduation Project Workshop, Introduction to Education, Practical Education Methods

Department Strengths

  • Selected as Korea's Most Outstanding Department at a Technical College in the Field of Music
  • Acquisition of instructor's license (musicians)
  • Acquisition of a Diploma in Music upon graduation
  • Wide variety of major subjects: classical music, pop music (K-POP, jazz, rap, etc.), Korean traditional instruments
  • Specialized music curriculum and wide range of programs that suit every musician's needs
  • Cultivation of talented musicians and acquisition of valuable certifications
  • Personalized courses and one-on-one instruction by Korea's best professors
  • Best music facilities in Korea at the Halla Art Hall
    (digital music, ensemble, computerized music studio, individual practice rooms)

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Technical instructor Certification, Music Psychology Instructor Certification, Children's Musical Instrument Instructor Certification (Connected with Cheju Halla University's Continuing Education Center)
  • Careers
    Instructor at public schools, instructor at elementary school, special instructor, children's musical instrument instructor at early childhood education institute, instructor or manager of a private music academy, vocal trainer, chorus director, vocal guide, instructor or other professional at children's music education center, performing Agency, broadcasting station, studio, management, performing arts group, event services companies, professional band member and vocalist, jazz musician, member of orchestra, choir or marching band, director or accompanist of church choir, professional musician