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Through the study of Chinese for work and everyday life, students become professionals capable of informing the world of Jeju's continual globalization

Exchange with China is expanding beyond the field of economics to include culture as well. The Department of Tourism & Chinese has embraced this new era of Northeast Asian solidarity and aims to contribute to diplomacy by educating its students in the Chinese language and culture. A combination of classes in theory and practical on-site training ensures that our students graduate with all the knowledge and skills required to become leading tourism professionals. A wide variety of courses, covering Chinese vocabulary, reading, listening, conversation and composition, are offered as part of a systematic curriculum. Opportunities to develop the ability to work anywhere in the world are also offered, giving students the chance to study abroad through joint programs with universities in China.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Basic & Intermediate Chinese Vocabulary, Basic & Intermediate Chinese Reading, Basic & Intermediate Chinese Listening, Basic & Intermediate Chinese Conversation, Basic & Intermediate Chinese Composition, Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Resources, Korean History, Understanding Chinese Culture & History, Understanding Modern China, Understanding College Life, Information Ability, Chinese Grammar, Career and Life Design, Special Extracurricular Chinese Language Classes
  2. Advanced Chinese Reading, Advanced Chinese Listening Comprehension and Conversation, Advanced Chinese Composition, Special Lecture on Basic & Intermediate Chinese HSK(1)(2), Sales Business Chinese, Tourist Interpretation Practice, Chinese Hotel Practices, Aircrew Chinese, Chinese Medical Interpretation, Chinese for Casinos, News in Chinese, Tourism Law, Entrepreneurship and Management, Career Guidance & Professional Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, On-site Training, Special Extracurricular Chinese Language Classes

Department Strengths

  • Financial support from the government of China for study abroad programs and other overseas study scholarships
  • Each year, over 35 students study in China through exchange and study abroad programs (Nankai University, Hefei University, Fudan University, Ludong University, Tourism Institute of Beijing Union University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
  • Halla-Nankai dual four-year bachelor's degree program offered in conjunction with China's Nankai University
  • 2 + 2 dual degree program with Hefei University (four-year bachelor's degree, full financial support for tuition)
  • Four-year degrees available through the Top-Up Program
  • Largest number of native-speaking exchange professors from partner universities and China's Ministry of Education
  • 'Learn Chinese Easily' educational program
  • Large number of awards received by students at various Chinese language competitions
  • Establishment of the Confucius Institute at Cheju Halla University in 2009

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Domestic tour guide, hotel manager, tour interpreter, Chinese character ability progression, Chinese Proficiency Test, overseas tour guide. Chinese reading instructor for children, etc
  • Career Opportunities
    Domestic and Chinese international tour guide, tour interpreter for Chinese, hotel manager and hotel supervisor, duty-free shop, golf course, travel agency, casino, airline company personnel, flight attendant. Korea Coast Guard, army civilian employee, foreign trade companies, various enterprises related to Chinese, kindergarten, after-school Chinese instructor, medical tourism coordinator, etc
  • Overseas Career Program
    By participating in CHU's Overseas Employment Program, students gain the opportunity to work in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Dubai