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Equipped with high-tech multimedia facilities and instruments, the Department of Computer Information provides specialized education regarding information systems in a cloud computing environment. Based on an understanding of computer systems, classes are given in specialized phases covering open platform loaded programming, big data management systems for mobile phones and websites, network services, Computer Security, Internet of Things, web server management, and web Ul design to be used in applied programs developed for game applications and database management techniques. Each student acquires at least two certificates, and talented, globally competitive professionals are produced through our bachelor's degree program in computer engineering and dual-degree programs with overseas universities. We offer customized industry-demanded human resources training programs in conjunction with major businesses including Daum and Nexon Networks, in order to achieve our target employment rate of 100%.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Computer Graphics, Web Design, Basic Programming, Operating Systems, Information & Communications, Web Programming Development & Business Application, Social Network Programming, Computer Applications Lab, Digital Logic Circuits, Electronic Calculator Architecture, Media Production Skills, Databases
  2. Internet Game Skills, Object-oriented Programming, Web Contents Production, Systems Design and Analysis, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Sensing Programming, Mobile Programming, Big Database Skills, Capstone Design, Internet of Things, Intelligent Systems Realization

Department Strengths

  • Specialized program for computer information technology (web apps applied programming, internet of things, big data, web design and animation, game contents, computer graphics, multimedia treatment, online shopping sites and web sites design, web server management, assembling and dismantling computers, database design and management)
  • Each student acquires two certifications related to their majors with on-site training
  • Academy-industry cooperative educational programs with Daum Kakao, Nexon, and other leading relevant companies, leading to employment upon graduation
  • Generous scholarships provided by various governmental financial support projects
  • Acquisition of four-year bachelor's degree in computer engineering through continuing studies while working in the industry
  • 2+2 dual degree program with international universities (including Hefei University in China)

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Information processing technician, level 1 and 2 computer applications skills, game programming expert, electronic accounting technician, automated office technician, web design expert, MCSE, MOS, MOFU, MCDBA, SCJP, mobile applications developer
  • Career Opportunities
    Civil servant, computation technician in public or private fields, web designer, web programmer, software developer, multimedia production industry, animation industry, web hosting, broadcasting stations, data processing office, financial institutions, airline companies, hotels and tourism companies