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Training tourism professionals to meet global standards to lead Jeju Free International City

In order to train professionals to global standards with foreign language proficiency and the working knowledge of tourism needed for employment in local and overseas tourism, industry-academy integrated education is practiced in an environment that replicates the workplace. We offer overseas employment classes for Australia, Japan and Dubai. In addition, our course offerings include professional education courses covering various theories and practices, cultivating in students the skills needed for employment in casinos, airlines, duty-free shops, hotels, travel agencies and event-related companies. With the Top-Up Program, students can acquire a 4-year bachelor's degree.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Understanding College Life(1)(2), Information Ability, Korean History, Introduction to Tourism, Hotel Management, MICE Industry Management, Tourism Destination Image(1) (2), Tourism Marketing, Travel Agency Job Skills, Tourism Service Management, Tourism Business Human Resources Management, Casino Lab(1), English Conversation(1)(2), Tourism English Conversation(1)(2), Japanese Conversation(1) (2), Japanese Grammar(1)(2), Chinese Reading(1)(2), Chinese Conversation & Composition(1)(2)
  2. Career Guidance & Professional Ethics(1)(2), Interpersonal Skills, Casino Lab(2), Tourism Law, Restaurant Management Practices, Sales Skills, Tourism Geography Resource Theory, Tourism Business Theory/Internship(1), Airline practice/ Internship(2), Tourism Events Practice/Internship(3), Sports Industry Management/Internship(4), Regional Tourism Development/Internship(5), English Conversation(3), EnglishConversation( 4 ) / Internship( 6 ) , Tourism English Conversation(3), Tourism English Conversation (4)/Internship(7), Basic English(3)(4), Japanese Conversation (3), Japanese Conversation(4)/Internship(6), Japanese Grammar(3), Japanese Grammar(4)/Internship(7), Tourism Japanese(3)(4), Chinese Reading(3), Chinese Reading(4)/ Internship(6), Chinese Conversation & Composition(3), Chinese Conversation & Composition(4)/Internship(7), Chinese Listening(3)(4)

Department Strengths

  • We produce professionals equipped with the knowledge and theory required to improve the tourism industry in Jeju, meeting the needs of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Free International City
  • Direct employment upon completing CHU's job education program using the Casino Lab and Hotel Job Skills Lab and other facilities
  • Graduates receive four-year degree through the Top-Up Program

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Tour guide, international travel agent, hotel service technician, hotel manager, hotel general manager, bartender
  • Career Opportunities
    • Casinos, airlines, duty-free shops, hotel, international travel agent, golf clubs, special event companies, Tourism industry businesses
    • General office work at trading companies, banks and other organizations
    • Overseas employment in Australia, Dubai, America, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and other countries
  • Continued studies at the degree level through our Top-Up program, entrance to graduate schools