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Standing tall at the front lines of the next generation's 4D business revolution in smart technology

The Department of Information & Communications focuses on producing specialists to lead modern society in our use of smart devices, intelligent internet objects and other cutting edge technologies. We offer on-site training courses with a practical curriculum, and the department produces the human resources required by small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies, as well as large corporations like Samsung and LG. We cultivate in our students the practical skills needed to deal with information, communications and smart devices, and our curriculum covers computer systems management, network deployment and management and mobile content services as well as other core technologies and practices.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  1. Information Ability, Network Operations Management, Digital Circuits Design, IT System User Support, Programming Practice, Computer Networks, Analogue Circuit Design, Computer Structures, Wireless Communication Network Testing, System Integration Realization, Software Maintenance
  2. Information Communication Equipment, Network Lab, IOT Lab, Mobile Communications RF Lab, Digital Communications Lab, Software UI/UX Development, NW Operations Management, Wireless Communication Network Construction/ Maintenance and Repair, Mobile Apps Development Lab, Network security, Smart Communication Networks, Security Management, Capstone Design, Venture Business Theory

Department Strengths

  • Specialized training programs for wired and wireless communications and smart devices
  • Training for data protection and cyber security professionals
  • Production of personnel to build and manage intelligent internet objects

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Licenses
    Information & communication industry engineer, Wireless Equipment Technician, Information Security Technician, Information Management Technician, CCNA, PC mechanic, Linux master
  • Career Opportunities
    Samsung Group Affiliates and Subsidiaries, LG Electronics Groups and Affiliates, SKT, KT, LG U+ Affiliates and related companies, Daum Kakao, Nexon, ESTsoft, information and communications-related companies, IT equipment providers, mobile companies, Hospital IT Center, Government Office IT Staff, Military Cyber Security Staff