We produce skilled workers ready to meet the demands of a changing global economy

Jeju needs globally competitive talent to work in industries funded by local and foreign investment. In order to produce management-minded graduates familiar with both Chinese and English, Cheju Halla University has created a Department of International Management and expanded the Department of Chinese Economics and Trade for 2018.
Our graduates are prepared to take an active role in domestic and overseas industries through intensive foreign language training, international management major courses, special lectures, and overseas work placements and internships.

Curriculum | Four-year Program

  1. Basic/Intermediate Intensive Listening and Conversation / Vocabulary, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Business Administration, Introduction to Trade, Introduction to Law
  2. Advanced Intensive Listening 1/2 . Conversation 1/2 . Vocabulary 1/2, Accounting, Managerial Accounting, International Business Administration, International Trade Theory, E-Trade, Chinese Economic Geography, Trade Business, International Business Culture, Commercial Law 1
  3. Chinese Grammar and Writing, Business Chinese, Philosophers and Scholars, Current Chinese, Organizational Behavior, International Economics, Banking Theory, Personnel Management, Microeconomics, Commercial Law 2, Chinese History and Culture, MICE Industry Management, International Logistics, Macroeconomics
  4. Chinese Presentations, Advanced Applied Chinese, Chinese Discussion, Business English 1, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management, Business English 2, International Commercial Policy

Department Strengths

  • Wide range of scholarship programs
    • National scholarships, CHU scholarships (up to 100% of tuition)
    • Study in China with financial support from Chinese government scholarships (6 months/1 year/master's degree)
  • Global study abroad program
    • Graduate school MBA linking program with top universities in Korea and abroad
    • Overseas study and employment programs with global academy-industry partners (U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.)
    • Cooperative program with Nankai University in China
    • Visiting professor agreements with Nankai University, Hefei University and other sister universities
  • Overseas internship/training program
    • JDC Global Overseas Internships
    • Global company training programs and internships including large Chinese corporations
    • Invitational overseas study programs through the Confucius Institute and leading Chinese universities

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Companies funded by Jeju and global investors , Korea-China economic, trade and business-related companies
  • Fields of tourism, tate agencies, public authorities, financial institutions, academia, journalism and education in Korea and abroad, wide range of specialist positions
  • Entrance into graduate schools for master's degrees and Ph.Ds in Korea and abroad (Chinese government scholarships, etc.)
  • Other fields related to business and foreign languages