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Creating beauty with our fingertips, making sublime works of art from head to toe

To meet the demands of our rapidly changing modern society, our students are trained to become professionals equipped with creative abilities and a sense of beauty by learning a wide range of applied techniques for the professional beauty industry. Keeping pace with globalization, courses are further divided into skin care, hair design, makeup and nail care, to cultivate leading beauty professionals with a deep understanding of theory and a wide set of skills.

Overseas Employment I In 2009, we began to offer Jeju's first overseas employment program for department graduates, sending students to Japan and Australia. Students acquire employment through intensive practical skills training and foreign language classes at CHU, followed by further education at language schools abroad, and receive financial support from the government for the visa acquisition process and airfare. We have the highest overseas employment rate (98 students with overseas employment by 2017) of all universities in Korea, and offer a continually expanding number of overseas employment opportunities that now includes work in Australia, Japan, China and USA.

Curriculum | Two-year Program

  • Hair Design Major
    • Beauty Lab (basic hair permanent wave), Beauty lab (basic haircut), Beauty Lab(basic hair coloring), Cosmetic Trichology, Shampooing and Hair Treatments, Hair Dryer & Iron, Basic Men's Haircut, Hairstylist Skills 1, Public Health Sciences, Hairstylist Skills 2, Hair and Scalp Management, Hairstylist Volunteering 1, Beauty Qualification Practice, Applied Hair Permanent Wave, Hairstyle Direction (Up-Style), Applied HairCut, Hairstyle Capstone Design, Applied Hair Color, Beauty Salon Customer Service and Consulting, Hairstyle Shop Business Creation, Hairstylist Volunteering 2, Hair Seminar, Creative Haircut Lab, Hair Perm Art Lab, Creative Up Hair Style Lab, On-site Beauty Lab, Hair Clinic Lab
  • Skin Care Major
    • Skin care Science, Beauty Lab (Face Skin Care1), Beauty Lab (Body Skin Care1), Foot Health Management, skin care academy, Onsite Experience Lab, Beauty Lab (Study on Cosmetics Lab), Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Skincare, Body Skin Care2, Skin Analysis, Face Skin Care2, Skincare Volunteering1, Beauty Seminar, Special Care, Aesthetic Salon Treatment(1), Equipment Management Lab, Spa Therapy Lab, Korean Haircare, Laws of Public Health and Hygiene, Skin Aesthetics Start-up, Skincare Volunteering 2, Aromatherapy, Aesthetic Salon Treatment(2), Scalp care, Skincare Clinical Lab, Wellbeing Therapy Lab, Traditional Korean Medicine & Massage System, Obesity Management Lab
  • General Liberal Arts
    • Chinese Conversation, Professional Ethics, Communication Skills, Introduction to Education, Nail Art(Nail care), Practical Education Method, Beauty Makeup(Basic Makeup), Interpersonal Skills

Department Strengths

  • Intensive training for hair styling and skin care majors (Make-up, Nail Art combined)
  • Extensive scholarship opportunities and excellent graduation employment rate
  • Job skills enhancement through beauty shop projects, volunteer work and various other department activities
  • Emphasis on systematic instruction in major subject skills
  • Participation and recipient of many awards at nationwide beauty skills competitions and exhibitions
  • Financial support for overseas studies and employment in Japan and Australia and China

Careers and Continuing Education

  • Hair Design Major : Hair designer, hair and scalp therapist, hair colorist, hair shop entrepreneur, hair shop manager, manager and instructor at cosmetics and beauty products companies, domestic and overseas beauty arts instructor, overseas beauty salons, entrepreneurship
  • Skin care Major : Skin care therapist, spa therapist, medical skin care professional, aromatherapist, sports massage therapist, skin clinics in hospital dermatology departments, hotels and resorts spa manager, day spa and skin care shop entrepreneur, cosmetics companies, domestic and foreign skin care academy instructor, overseas employmen
  • Other Opportunities : Makeup artist, coordinator, image consultant, dressing room technician at broadcasting station, cosmetics and makeup companies, duty free shops, beauty school instructor, four-year university transfer, university professor